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Work was always crazy. Markus often came home from the office so exhausted that he’d spend about an hour soaking in the tub before ordering some take out and then hitting the hay. Today was no different. He was running around trying to get reports from those below him, making sure everyone was doing their job while keeping his father happy at the same time. He had the rest of his assistant interviews today too, which meant he had a stack of applications a mile high on his desk, applications he’d have to match with faces, and after 10 or so, people tend to get forgettable. Figuring he should get a head start on these applications, Mark, grabbed the first file off his desk and started to look through their qualifications.

Hearing a knock at his office door, Mark looked up briefly and notice a blonde girl standing in the door way. “If you’re here for the interview, they don’t start until two.” Turning his attention back to the file in his hands, he figured she’d go away, but he could still feel her presence. When he looked up against, his father was by her side. “Ah Markus, clearly that secretary of yours didn’t inform you, I’ve canceled your interviews. This is Natalie, and she’ll be your new assistant." Eyebrows furrowing, Markus stood up to argue, but his father cut him off before he could. "Don’t fight me on this, son." With that his father was gone, and Mark was left with some new girl. "Natalie, is it?" He muttered, looking her over before going back to his seat. "You can start by calling all of the girls on this list, and telling them the interviews will no longer be happening, due to the position being filled." Grabbing the list of thirty five or so applicants, Mark gave them to the girl. "You’re desk is right ouside." He said, pointing to the desk on the other side of the full glass wall of his office. He has requested that be where the desk was, that way he could keep an eye on his assitant and be sure they were doing their work.


Another day, another job. It was nothing new for Natalie, actually, it was quite common. Being that she had chosen to begin work the moment she hit the age where she felt fully responsible for herself, it was a constant battle to find a job somewhere long enough to grow some roots. Sure, titles like “Assistant to ____” weren’t exactly throwing her up the ladder, but everyone had to start somewhere. And, of course, today was that beginning step. The thing about Natalie was that she was demonically good at getting what she wanted. Not in such a way that turned her into a stuck up, spoiled, brat, but in the sense that she knew how to get what she wanted. At this moment in time, she had wanted a position at Clarke Industries, and she’d gotten it. If you asked her, she would probably go on about how she wasn’t particularly proud of finding herself in bed with the owner and founder of the company in order to secure a spot, but then she’d be lying. She was proud of it, and if that made her some sort of skank, so be it. She wasn’t exactly here to make friends, and enemies were always expected.

His father had introduced them, and now she was standing patiently in the doorway, being eyed by a young, handsome man who looked like he was dealing with far too much stress for his age. They exchanged words, and then Natalie and the man were alone and within seconds he had delegated a task to her. She took the stack of papers willingly, and followed the direction of his hand when he pointed out her desk. Natalie nodded at his directions, listening intently with a soft expression, and turned, starting for the door in order to get a head start on her first day. Once at her desk and situated, Natalie had made all but 2 calls before looking up again and catching his eye. He was watching her, more than likely still trying to figure out why she had gotten the position without so much as an interview. The blonde lifted a hand and waved smugly, though wearing quite the smirk on her face.

And in a few moments, she was drawn back inside his office, probably much to his dismay. She knocked on the doorway to get his attention and raised her brows. “Yeah, so, I’m not really into calling people Mr. or Mrs., though I’ll do it if that’s your preference, but bosses’ son or not, I’d appreciate a name.” She hadn’t meant for it to sound so brash, and added a small smile to counteract. Never mind her only being an assistant, Natalie never wasted a chance to show that she was more than a pretty face, even if some of her actions might attempt to convince one otherwise.

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